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Sally Brailsford

Professor of Management Science
Southampton Business School

Professor Sally Brailsford is Professor of Management Science within Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton. Sally obtained a BSc in Mathematics from Kings College London, and then worked for several years as a nurse in the NHS before obtaining an MSc and then a PhD in Operational Research from Southampton. Her research is in the area of healthcare simulation modelling: to evaluate treatments and screening programmes, or to redesign and improve service delivery.

Sally has worked for over 25 years in many different disease fields including diabetes, cancer, mental health and HIV/AIDS, in addition to emergency care and end-of-life care. From 2012-15 she was Vice-President 1 of EURO, the Association of European OR Societies, and is former Coordinator of the EURO Working Group on OR Applied to Health Services (ORAHS). She is one of the Editors-in-Chief of the UK OR Society’s journal Health Systems and is on the editorial boards of Health Care Management Science, the Journal of Simulation and Operations Research for Health Care. She is the only person ever to have won the OR Society's Goodeve Medal three times: in 2004 for modelling emergency healthcare services in Nottingham, in 2006 for modelling chlamydia infection, and in 2015 for modelling the supply and demand for dental care in Sri Lanka.

Sally Brailsford
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